Development Day

Dear Member / Parent / Guardian,

We hope you have enjoyed the lovely weather this week and, whilst we may not be able to swim in the pool, there is still plenty we can do on land. During a coaching talk earlier this week, it was said that you don't have to swim all the time to be a great swimmer. Be an athlete.

With that in mind, the coaching team is running a Development Day for our swimmers this Saturday, 23rd May. The county and region usually run these days for selected swimmers and several members of the coaching team have been lucky enough to help at these days and be part of the team searching England for the next champions. They have learnt so much from so many different people and feel now is a good time to share their knowledge with all of you.

This is a great opportunity for everyone to learn more about the sport and each other. We hope you will support us and, if it is a success, we will certainly look to run more events in the future.

The itinerary for the day is below - please note that the Zoom codes for the sessions will be sent in a separate email.

Development Day
10.00am - Introduction from Claire explaining the day and a chance to hear a bit more about the coaching team and their many talents!

10.30am - Dryside sessions. Peanuts age groups with Dan, Major age groups with Howard and Masters (and parents!) with Tom/Josie. This will be similar to Monday's session but will be more age group specific. If you are not sure which session to attend, please ask and if you have swimmers in more than one age group, please pick one session and the team will adapt the skills for you.

11.30 am - leadership session for anyone interested in helping on poolside or becoming captains. We would also like all our regular helpers to attend as well as our current captains and vice captains.

12 noon - Lunch

1.00pm - Masters talk with Tom. Nutrition talk for swimmers with the coaching team.

2.00pm - Pilates session. This will be a beginners' session, run by a professional who is giving up her time for free to support the club. The session will last approximately 30 minutes.

3.00pm - Wellbeing talk with Tom. An important part of being an athlete is to keep our minds healthy

4.00pm - Parents talk and Q and A (questions can be submitted in advance)

5.00pm - close

The coaching team would like to hear about what you have been up to so please feel free to stay online and have a chat /share your news/show them what you have been up to.

It was lovely to see so many at Monday's fitness session and great to see that many of you stayed to chat. The coaching team are missing you and they haven't forgotten about you!

We look forward to seeing many of you at the Development Day on Saturday.

Kind regards
The Coaching Team
Ware SC


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